Friday, March 16, 2012

Medical History

Medical History

I believe it was Churchill who observed
history is written by the victors
delivered, one imagines, dryly with

a dash of pith, an ounce or two of gin,
the words clipped and formed in the space above
his derby-ed chalk hill dome from gathering

clouds of ominous blue cigar smoke, all
veddy proper, tickety-boo and all
that rot, a life insurance policy,

after all, read in a British accent
is boilerplate made sublime, all this
as I sit in this waiting room checking

off little boxes, dare I say, writing
my medical history, to be read
aloud in the event of my demise

by Englishmen, Bill Nighy perhaps on
the subject of my LDL levels,
Patrick Stewart breathing life into our

family's penchant for colon cancer or
Gary Oldham giving a dignified
reading from the list of male fore-bearers

to have toppled headlong over the pale
clutching their chests.  Perhaps Steve Coogan
or some surviving Python could coax a

chuckle at the expense of my total
hip replacement, snatching victory from
the jaws of inevitable defeat. 

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