Friday, October 19, 2012

Thumb nail sketch

Pollex Bollocks

To see me now bent hard at the middle,
doubled over my double by my side,
noses to the grindstone, shoulders to the  

You’d never believe it but there was a

before the wheel of time rounded on us;
two jaunty so and so’s, jacks-of-all-trades
proudly brandished by Homo habilis

and all of his descendants, we had our
fingers in every pie, the plumiest
jobs all came our way, the fanciest cars

all going our way.  Smirking presidents
on carrier decks to the lowliest
of bankers flush with a fat bonus check,

arms extended in exultation, thrust
us toward the heavens when they weren’t busy
jamming us in someone’s eye or tipping

the scales with a deft sleight of hand we were
only too happy to finesse.  But all
that’s changed now.  Like the mighty Chicago

River Darwin’s Theory has been reversed,
perhaps by a wrathful God who just pulled
the on-screen keyboard out of His ass one

breezy Saturday morning proclaiming
it adapted to us, dooming us to
spend the rest of our lives in a Downward

Dog pecking out billions of lonely misspelled
missives, chickens come home to roost at last,
hands rendered useless, devoid of fingers.

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